Learn Anything, 
Any Way You Want.

Tidbit is a learning/news app that takes information from any website you please, and customizes that information in any way you want, The product is stylish, elegant, and concise bits of content that can be digested easily and quickly in any language that you prefer.


Each day Tidbit writes you five different bits referenced from your website selections. It reads the articles before you do, and rewrites them in the most concise language, so you’re left with a daily feed that should take twenty minutes or less to read and absorb.   


Easy Navigation

All gestures are in the center of the screen. Slide up and down to scroll through bits. When you're in a bit, just slide up or down past the content of the article to return to move on to the next bit. To access settings, just swipe your finger right from the center of the screen. 


Artificial Literacy

Tidbit reads articles, picks up key points, and then rewrites the text that surrounds those key points. Each sentence is selectable, and users are allowed to provide feedback on these sentences to improve Tidbit's Artificial Literacy for everyone. 


Save. Swap. Share.

Have an article that you just can't let go of? Tidbit allows you to save articles in a very tidy directory, or share them to your favorite social media websites. What about an article that really didn't rub you in the right way? Let Tidbit know, and it will swap it out with a new one, fresh out the web. 


Thank You!