Venturing around the world can be a great thing for those who are fearlessly spontaneous, but many of us need a little more direction when we fly off into the unknown. Pal is just that — direction. It understands who you are and molds itself into the perfect travel companion, whether it is letting you know the hot spots around, the places you should avoid, or interesting things to do in the area you’re in. The best part is that Pal does all the thinking for you, leaving you to be the free-spirited nomad you always dreamed of being. 



You and two other friends booked a flight to Lima, Peru, but you guys know absolutely no one there. You know about all the cool places you want to see, but have too little time to actually plan this all out. You guys are also a bit concerned about safety in such an unfamiliar place.



You have a smart watch and just found a really cool app called PAL that says it will take care of it all for you. You put in your flight reservation number, add your friends via Facebook, and you're free to get straight to packing!



Pal stays quiet for most your trip, but randomly asks you yes or no questions throughout the day that it thinks are relevant to you and your friends’ interests. Based on your answers, Pal will give you tips and suggestions of where to go or avoid during the day, as well as give you useful information about the places you’re currently at. You can also say action words such as  “Food” “Location” or “Help” for more immediate needs. (Rotate screen if animation is too small.) 



Aside from pulling information from you and your friends’ Facebook profiles, it gathers years of data from cell phone usage of people who were there before you. You‘re essentially learning from other people’s successes and mistakes without even thinking about it.



Thanks to Pal you and your friends avoided those fraudulent taxis, found some pretty cool places outside of Lima and Machu Picchu, ate at some cool local restaurants, and — best of all — didn’t have pull out your smart phone for anything.