Kure is an alternative health care app that helps users find and share remedies to their illnesses with a community of millions. Unlike established conventional health care apps KURE taps into the wealth of public wisdom, supporting community health care and holistic healing. Kure proposes that sometimes the best remedy can be found in the advice of trusted family and friends. Kure gets to know you personally, helping you understand and track your health history, recommending kures from people with a similar background and giving you vital up-to-date information about current health issues within your community.

Let's Guide You Through It

You’ve been suffering from chronic back pain for a while now. You went through several rounds of doctors visits and medications, but nothing has worked completely. Doctors seem to be frustrated with you, and you feel quite frustrated yourself. You find Kure, and decide to give it a go. 


Simple Setup

With your permission, and one click, Kure builds a personal profile for you by compiling your shared information from social media apps. Your privacy is important to us so you decide what, and how much, you would like to share. All you need to do then is create a username, password and short bio. You can also upload a cool photo into a shape you customized for your profile.


Your Confidant

Kure speaks to you. We understand that sometimes what we need is to hear a reassuring voice. You can adjust Kure's personality and voice so that he (or she) represents the wide range of personas in your life — from your bro to your grandmother. You give Kure a color, and use the sliders to change the shape of Kure’s wavelength and the tone of its voice to remind you of your reassuring aunt. You feel a twinge in your back and ask cure for help.


Speak, Search or Hunt

Kure has three modes: conversation - just ask Kure for help, manual search - explore the Kure community yourself and hunt - which shows you a heat map of trending kures related to your complaint and location. Kures are categorized by readings, herbal treatments, videos, exercises, spiritual insights, and diet plans — you can also check out kures from people with a similar health background to yours. You decide you’re open to everything except readings and Kure shows you a list of kures for back pain.        


Make a Health Collection

You pick your first kure and see that it looks like a recipe. Most content on kure is outsourced, allowing users to quickly put kures together using content from Youtube, Amazon, Mayo clinic, and any other website imaginable. All you have to do read the directions and click on the link to be directed to healing material and the option to buy the product. You can also save your Kures and come back to them as needed.


You're Never Alone

Now that you’re following your new treatment plan, you notice that Kure continues to offer you support and guidance and updates on community feedback around your particular complaint. Kure works hard to take care of you even after your pick a treatment plan to follow. You see that there are many other people who are also treating backpain. You can see what kures they’ve made, as well as what kures from other people have worked for them. 



Welcome to the Kure Community!